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Syndicated Content: Google Docs + WordPress + inDesign = portability.

I’m a big proponent of  syndicated and single-source content for organizations using multiple media. From a post-publication management perspective, it reduces version conflict and promotes essential semanticism of the content. I’ve never been convinced that presentation style should be the master of semantic style. Clean, accessible content can be repurposed and re-presented as need be. It can be that smart girl with a thousand looks – you can take her anywhere.

This is one of the better implementations of a comprehensive contribution, editing and publication system I’ve seen, and looks to be very cost effective . Bangor Daily News set up a publishing protocol that starts with pieces being authored in Google Docs, pushed to WordPress through the open format  XML-RPC, then transformed into tagged text ready for Adobe inDesign.

Read the full synopsis here: http://dev.bangordailynews.com/2011/06/13/bangor-daily-news-completes-final-switch-to-wordpress/