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Poyekhali! Translation please!

yuriWe occasionally get asked about the current header graphic for The National Flight Log. That’s good old Yuri Gagarin, the fun-loving cosmonaut who was more worried about having enough sausage and vodka in his Vostok 1 spacecraft for his historic ascent into orbit than the then-unknown effects of weightlessness on the human body. There was some speculation that the body might simply collapse on itself. Unless maybe you filled it with enough sausage….

While Yuri’s last word may have been on sausage, he’s better known for coining poyekhali!, roughly translated as  “Let’s Go!” As much as we too love sausage, we adopted Yuri’s more emphatic and inspiring catchphrase. We help clients launch their internet projects and they probably wouldn’t trust us if we proclaimed “Sausage!”

Spaciba Yuri.