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Companion Construction Ltd.

Companion Construction

Industry: Commercial construction and construction project management.
Project Scope: branding and ID, web design and build, print materials, signage, copy editing.
Project URL: http://companionconstruction.com
Year: 2008

Companion Construction Limited (CCL) is a Vancouver-based commercial construction management firm specializing in institutional and congregate living structures. As a boutique firm, they tailor their work processes and management around the projects that they take on. In keeping with their boutique nature they wanted a company brand and supporting website and print material that is specialized, that clearly sets them apart from the average hammer-swinger construction company, and carried with it the CCL brand promise of careful and decided design and execution of every project.

CCL wanted to capture a Euro-aesthetic for their company brand that reflected the architectural style they specialized in. We presented a two colour palette for a modern logotype treatment using Absara Sans, and a skewed logo detail that represents architectural perspective and scale. By keeping to a two-color palette throughout the rest of the digital and print media we were able to keep designs tight and visually focussed, highlighting the project visuals. This also allows CCL to opt for affordable high quality spot-color offset printing that reportedly leaves their clients with the subtle but distinct impression that they are dealing with a firm who values the finest of details.